Praises Midnight Praises St Anthony Monastery, English Midnight Praises Part 1

English Midnight Praises - 1 - St. Anthony Monastery, California

Introduction by His Grace Bishop KarasIntroduction by His Grace Bishop Karas1:39128 kbpsPlay1.52 MB - 128 kbps
Arise O Children of LightArise O Children of Light5:36128 kbpsPlay + Read Lyrics5.12 MB - 128 kbps
We Look at the ResurrectionWe Look at the Resurrection6:23128 kbpsPlay + Read Lyrics5.85 MB - 128 kbps
First HoosFirst Hoos5:16128 kbpsPlay + Read Lyrics4.82 MB - 128 kbps
First Hoos Lobsh (With the SplFirst Hoos Lobsh (With the Spl5:12128 kbpsPlay + Read Lyrics4.76 MB - 128 kbps
Second HoosSecond Hoos5:02128 kbpsPlay + Read Lyrics4.61 MB - 128 kbps
Second Hoos Lobsh (Let us GiveSecond Hoos Lobsh (Let us Give6:54128 kbpsPlay + Read Lyrics6.31 MB - 128 kbps
Third HoosThird Hoos7:49128 kbpsPlay + Read Lyrics7.15 MB - 128 kbps
Third Hoos Lobsh (O Sing untoThird Hoos Lobsh (O Sing unto10:22128 kbpsPlay + Read Lyrics9.49 MB - 128 kbps
We follow you (Tenoweh Ensok)We follow you (Tenoweh Ensok)3:51128 kbpsPlay + Read Lyrics3.53 MB - 128 kbps
Commemoration of the SaintsCommemoration of the Saints18:34128 kbpsPlay + Read Lyrics16.99 MB - 128 kbps

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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