Praises Midnight Praises St Macarius Monastery, Midnight Praises

Midnight Praises - St. Macarius Monastery

Midnight Praises by Monks of Monastery of St. Macarius

This recording of the Midnight Praises is from the Monastery of St. Macarius the Great at Scetis (Wadi Natrun, Egypt). It was recorded on Friday, July 15, 1977 by 60 monks.

Concluding Absolution of the Fathers is by Fr. Matta ElMeskine.

St. Macarius Monastery Website.

IntroductionIntroduction17:53128 kbpsPlay16.37 MB - 128 kbps
Midnight Praises - Friday July 15, 1977Midnight Praises - Friday July 15, 1977116:57128 kbpsPlay107.08 MB - 128 kbps
Midnight Absolution of the FathersMidnight Absolution of the Fathers10:34128 kbpsPlay9.67 MB - 128 kbps

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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